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About Me

Crater Lake, OR; summer of 2021
Crater Lake, OR; summer of 2021

It's Me
You guessed it – it's me

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Sid Lacy [/sɪd ˈleɪsi/]. I am a student at Western Washington University, majoring in cybersecurity and minoring in political science; I aspire to one day fill a role in my professional life that sees some intersection between the two (hello, CISA?).

Currently, I also cohead and represent the Western Washington University Cybersecurity Club as a member of the WWU Cybersecurity Department, working with my peers to spread awareness and discuss contemporary news related to cybersecurity. As captain of the WWU Cyber Defense Team, I also manage and promote activity in several security-related technical events, including PRCCDC and Cyberforce, as well as trips to conventions such as DEFCON.

In my free time, I occasionally write here, populating this site with posts on my blog and publishing articles in the documents section, both of which have a general emphasis on the study of computer security. My intention behind swlacy.com is two-sided: besides the obvious self-promotion factor, I use this space to enrich my knowledge, providing a more elegant, professional location to publish work, which I can tailor to my specific needs. I also aim for this space to be of equal use to others, to eventually become a large collection of information, fun projects, and more that those interested in computer security can use to benefit from alongside me.

Beyond security, I enjoy hiking and cycling around the beautiful Pacific Northwest, which I am grateful to call home, staying up to date on international and domestic politics, and playing strategy games. While this site is not particularly dense in terms of posted content at the moment, regularly uploading new articles is a personal goal I have set for myself. If nothing interests you now, please revisit soon to see new submissions.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you! I appreciate your interest in my site, and I hope you find something here that intrigues or helps you in some capacity.

Professional Qualifications

“Who cares what you have to say on this site anyway?”

Valid question — I appreciate skepticism and I do not claim to be a security expert by any means. Regardless, I believe that my academic experience and my (admittedly short) time in the IT/security industry are valuable and have provided me with the perspective needed to begin discussing topics related to security at large.

You can see a breakdown of my professional and academic history on my resume (PDF).

If you would like to reach out to me for any reason, you may easily do so via email. I would love to hear from you. Further, if you want to speak with me professionally, again, perhaps would you also like to first see my resume (PDF) and/or connect with me on LinkedIn. Finally, the Links section contains a comprehensive set of references for the remainder of my online services.

Thank you again for visiting!

Kind regards, Sid Lacy